Malado Music’s Skillet brought this one out of the archives for all of us to hear. Shout out to Swan, Lois Lane and Kay Jay.. what a fun session this was to be a part of!

the begoodkids


My name’s Joe, I’m the owner of the begoodkids brand. I started the company in January 2013 in Westfield, MA. By March 2013 I had the initial brand logos and began printing t-shirts. The idea for the begoodkids began when I noticed that most of the popular streetwear brands were missing a message that I feel the world could really use. That is the message of having fun, doing what you love in life, and just being yourself. The name “be-good kids” just kind of flowed to me. Being from Springfield, I like to talk in slang and I make up my own phrases from time to time. To me, it just felt like a group of people who were “untouchable.” The kids who are always in the flow, things are well for them, they always have that glow. Most of all they are chillin’. To my surprise, almost everyone understood the name without me having to explain it, when I would first tell people about the brand.

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