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While I was sitting at this desk yesterday, I quickly thought to myself, “I’m too grown to be here.” But then I remembered, there is no expiration date or time limit to learning. Growth isn’t about rushing to finish for a deadline. Growth comes from a struggle which leads you to break a mold. Life hands you lessons that you can’t study for. Count your blessings and never stop striving for your greatness. We all have it in us.

May 17.

I believe.


What up ya’ll!

Hope you all are enjoying the new year and have gotten back in your routines. Whether you’ve implemented a new workout schedule, decided to dedicate more time for yourself, or in my case, buckle down and finish school…

don’t forget to stay always stay positive and never stop!!!

With that being said.. I’ve announced on both Twitter and Instagram that I will be doing giveaways during the month of February.

Look out for details on all of darcyneverstops social networks.

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Talk to you soon,