My man Cole said, ‘If they don’t know you’re dreams then they can’t shoot them down”..

But I’m going to share a few of mine with you to show you all that anything is possible.

- Graduate from college

- Relaunch and maintain this site

- Have my own car

- Exercise more often… tough one

- Meet Elliott Wilson and Danyel Smith… Journalism god and goddess!

- Begin writing a book

- Be featured in local and national magazines and newspapers

- Host a concert in Springfield

- Meet and collaborate with 40oz Van… So inspiring

- Drop a Never Stops mixtape/LP

- Get a billboard in Springfield

These are just a few of my many goals and dreams. Always write yours down. You can accomplish more than you think. Just have faith and believe in yourself. People will support you when you are aiming towards progression. Your influence on others can also be inspiring. You never know who is watching. So keep your head up, do your thing, and



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