Never Stops 3.0

It’s been a long time coming. It’s been long overdue.

For the first time darcyneverstops visitors, welcome.

This is not like any other ordinary blog.

An old friend of mine said it best, this website is entirely an expression of myself.

Not only does it display my interests and skills but it displays those of others as well.

Through darcyneverstops I share my unconditional love for basketball, Hip-Hop, and my hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Being born and raised in The Birthplace of Basketball, it’s only natural for me to have hoop fever in my veins. I developed my love for the game in The Holy Name Social Center during my CYO days. That gym holds so much of me and my youthful memories. Every time I walk in, I look at my name etched on The Vinny Del Negro Award plaque and all of my old feelings rush back. Although I no longer hit the boards or sink threes, the basketball community in Springfield has learned to accept me and treat me as one of their own. I have built a reputation with referees, coaches, and players for being known as one of the best at keeping the book in check. You can catch me working courtside every winter at local high school games.

Hip-hop. What more can I say (in my flyest Hov voice)?!!! I will keep this one short and sweet because I have a special post coming touching on What Hip-Hop Means to Me. Salute to Amaya! Hip-hop music has always been there for me through all of the ups and downs of my life. Without this genre.. This culture.. There is no Darcy, and now I am establishing my name and my brand within it.

And last, but certainly not least. Springfield. My city is often looked down upon from outsiders and by some of the people who actually do live here…  but I’m out here trying to change the negative connotation that comes along with it. I am setting the bar. Setting standards. There are plenty of positive things that happen in my city. There are so many movers and shakers with dreams who live a positive life to carry them out. My goal is to introduce you to them through this website.

I was fortunate and blessed to have a positive upbringing in my hometown. I will always show love regardless of where I end up in this world and after all of the success I achieve. I will GIVE BACK.

Through darcyneverstops, I aspire to inspire. I know there are many of you watching who I do not know. If you connect with me, if you understand me, if you support my movement, please reach out. I would love to hear from you.

I took this long break from the blog game for many reasons. Most of them are very personal. So much thanks and appreciation to those have been patiently waiting.

To those of you that have been ridin’ with me since Day 1! You know who you are! All of you that have been constantly asking what’s up with the site! I appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for supporting me. It means the world to me. I will never take you for granted. It is an unbelievably rewarding feeling knowing that people support your work.

A very special THANK YOU to DJ Don Chito. You killed the logo! Be on the look out for him.. He is the truth! THANK YOU to my girl Shay Phillips, the photoshoot was everything! You captured exactly what I wanted. All neverstops photos were done by her! Look out for her HustleHarderForHer movement. I am forever grateful for both of you.

Thank you to my family. Mom, Dad, and Theresa. Thank you for constantly pushing me to be greater everyday. I know that you love and support me in everything that I do. You were the first generation Never Stops gang. I learned it all from you. And to Kailani… thank you for bringing us all closer and showing us what true happiness is. You are one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you for being you, Young Never Stops.

And I had to save the best for last. My main squeeze, B. Thank you for being there for me throughout this whole process. I cannot put into words or express how much your support means to me. I can’t wait to share these very special times of my life with you. You are The One.  I love you.

The hiatus is now over. Enjoy the comeback. It’s only up from here on out.

As my homie VeL Easy would say,

“I’m back and ready to attack.”




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