Had to repost this from my homie Devin! He took this while we were coolin’ in Soho during Nic and Cydnie’s shoot back in October of last year. This day was so much fun. It ┬áreally reinforced the idea in my mind that I belong in the city, I met so many new faces in the short time that Nic and I were there, but everyone was so overwhelmingly accepting and hospitable. Although we all had just met, I was able to call these people my friends. Shout out to Cydnie, Dev, Kaya, Prince, Simbaa, Yanii, Karenna, Cupcake, Kayla, Verleen, and anyone else I forgot. There were so many of ya’ll. ┬áI can’t wait to get back out there and see you guys!!!

Be on the lookout for Cydnie’s relaunch of her site coming soon.

And for more photos by Devin, check his Tumblr.

Never Stops 3.0

It’s been a long time coming. It’s been long overdue.

For the first time darcyneverstops visitors, welcome.

This is not like any other ordinary blog.

An old friend of mine said it best, this website is entirely an expression of myself.

Not only does it display my interests and skills but it displays those of others as well.

Through darcyneverstops I share my unconditional love for basketball, Hip-Hop, and my hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts.

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